Development of an agile strategy for national insurance business


This market leading insurance business was engaged in a digital transformation programme. But the programme team did not have a clear agile strategy in place – they needed to agree how they wanted to use agile and the best way to implement the use of agile within the programme. Although the company had utilised agile for many years, it had used multiple agile partners, each of whom suggested different agile approaches. So the insurer had a number of versions of agile methodology in play and varying levels of confidence in these agile approaches prevailed amongst the team, a common problem in agile implementations.

The firm needed to develop an organisation-wide approach to agile that fit with its strategy and culture, rather than continuously responding to and adopting, different partners’ agile suggestions.


P2 was engaged as the firm’s agile partner of choice to help develop a distinct agile strategy. P2 first ran a rapid digital agility maturity review using our pragmatic agile framework, to understand the different agile methods being applied and the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in delivering end to end value.

P2 discussed these strengths and weaknesses with the client and used it to co-create an agile strategy, consisting of an agile vision, the benefits it would bring and the transformation roadmap that would get the insurer to that point. P2 provided detailed support on how to build out agile ways of workings and establish agile control frameworks.


  • For the first time, the insurer had a co-ordinated and organisation-wide agile strategy – designed to engage the business and the board – and a clear roadmap to deliver that strategy.
  • Having a cohesive approach to agile meant there was clarity and purpose in the organisation’s digital transformation programme and subsequent projects.
  • Having a clear and defined agile strategy gave the team confidence in the organisation’s approach to agile and a clear understanding of the preferred way of working.

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