Data analytics transforms compliance audit company’s service for clients


Our client – a compliance audit provider – was having problems due to the inefficiency of its architecture, which was made up of aging legacy systems. As the firm added new functionality and features to its system, it was having an effect on the service it was providing to its own customers, slowing the speed of the service down by two or three times as much. This was causing frustration amongst the customer base and the client was worried about customer attrition. The crunch point came when some third party components were sunset by their suppliers and became no longer viable.


A data analytics approach was taken to understand how users engaged with the existing system and mock-ups were used to validate emerging insights. We held user workshops to directly engage the user and extract detailed analysis about the user journey. This in-depth information on the user journey was then mapped and used to inform the new system build. This was followed-up with another mock-up review session with users to validate the proposed new UI was appropriate.

This incremental analytical approach to building the new system and user interface enabled us to help deliver the new system, while users were using the old architecture, meaning there was no disruption to business as usual (BAU). When users were transitioned across to the new version, there was an immediate improvement in responsiveness and failure rates plummeted.


  • A data analytics approach ensured the granularity of the user journey and usability specifics were mapped.
  • Audit scans for client websites were reduced from 12 hours to just a couple of hours, once the new system was up and running.
  • Client satisfaction with the system soared because end users were so involved with the development process.
  • Client churn was considerably reduced as the service improved and users were able to better engage with the system.

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