Building a digital masterplan for a high end UK retailer


Like many UK retailers, this premium department store business was engaged in a transformation programme to radically overhaul its digital front end and data infrastructure. The programme needed to be delivered rapidly, so the retailer was using agile delivery methods for the first time. But after several months, the retailer lacked a credible transformation plan of the delivery journey and expected benefits. Without a plan, the programme couldn’t resource correctly and it was difficult to get engagement and buy in from the business.


P2 Consulting was brought in to build a roadmap, outlining major activities, key milestones, systems that would be impacted and forecasted benefits. By building this roadmap and sharing it with key stakeholders – through a series of planning workshops – P2 was able to generate engagement with the business and win buy-in to the programme. The series was kicked off with a high-level road mapping session, followed by a testing and quality assurance workshop, a programme environment session and one focused on  delivery.


  • The client was able to visualise the full journey they needed to embark on, how they would need to resource it and how they could track progress.
  • The roadmap helped to identify a number of resource bottle necks the client was able to resolve before disaster struck.
  • The roadmap was a powerful stakeholder engagement tool that was able to communicate the full scope of the programme to the business.
  • The roadmap was instrumental in keeping the programme on track, ensuring the right level of resource and ultimately, helped deliver the programme on time.

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